Casa loro

Casa loro (Their place) is my submission for “Matite per Riace”, the open call for artists issued by Caracol Art Gallery to support Mimmo Lucano, the mayor of Riace, and his celebrated successful model of integration and solidarity with migrants.

During October 2018 Guardia di Finanza accused Lucano of “aiding and abetting illegal immigration” and put him under arrest; some days later, Italy’s far-right Minister of the Interior has ordered hundreds of refugees to be moved out of the small town in Calabria.
It is clear the new right-wing populist coalition government of Lega and 5 Stars Movement strongly dislikes the “virtuous circle” that has restored the ailing economy and sociocultural fabric in the town while assisting in the European refugee crisis.

“Matite per Riace” culminated in a large group show / fundraising auction on December 20, 2018 at Gruppo Abele Factory in Turin.