The Pure Bluff

Art direction, Identity, Illustration
The Pure Bluff watches you just as you watch it. It’s hard to tell whether it’s giggling or whining, but now that it’s here we might as well go for a ride together and try to have some fun.
Rumor has it it’s 50% clown, 50% magician and 50% gambler… Ok, that’s enough math for today: the point is, it’s a quirky friend, for sure. And what’s more, it’s always on the move, it may have just closed its eyes and may already be gone.
…or maybe not?

The Pure Bluff is a concept/project that I developed in Fall/Winter 2017/18. I wanted to challenge myself and experiment creating a brand (even if a temporary one) that would involve print-on-demand products, a decent identity and an articulated online presence.
Starting with a series of original designs, I relied on selected platforms (Threadless, Redbubble, Society6 along with others) to produce and sell art prints, apparel and other items.


In addition to logotype and icon based designs, The Pure Bluff features the artworks A Fearful Phantom (3 color variants), One More Bite (3 color variants) and Eyeball Juggler.


I was originally interested in art prints and clothing but I ended up putting my designs on basically everything!

Branding & Online Mktg

The project online presence consists of a main landing page, shops on different print-on-demand platforms and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest).